Life Motto—> #pazapaz

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

’Lord, I’m not praying for miracles and visions, I’m only asking for strength for my days. Teach me the art of small steps.

Make me clever and resourceful, so that I can find important discoveries and experiences among the diversity of days.

Help me use my time better. Present me with the sense to be able to judge whether something is important or not.

I pray for the power of discipline and moderation, not only to run throughout my life, but also to live my days reasonably, and observe unexpected pleasures and heights.

Save me from the naive belief that everything in life has to go smoothly. Give me the sober recognition that difficulties, failures, fiascos, and setbacks are given to us by life itself to make us grow and mature.

Send me the right person at the right moment, who will have enough courage and love to utter the truth!

I know that many problems solve themselves, so please teach me patience.

You know how much we need friendship. Make me worthy of this nicest, hardest, riskiest and most fragile gift of life.

Give me enough imagination to be able to share with someone a little bit of warmth, in the right place, at the right time, with words or with silence.

Spare me the fear of missing out on life.

Do not give me the things I desire, but the things I need.

Teach me the art of small steps…



“Pretty Much”

Right now, my life is “pretty much”ok, pretty much disasterous, pretty much boring, pretty much awesome,  pretty much aright, pretty much it is what it is.

I’m just pretty much being pretty much alive.  #latersbabe

It’s the New Year

It’s the “NEW YEAR”, okay so I’m writing this one month late from January but here’s the thing, I am not happy.

I had a list of things to happen once it became January 2016:

  1. Get a pay raise
  2. Loose weight
  3. Learn frekkin German
  4. Get a tattoo (i think this is most doable)
  5. my boyfriend talking to….
  6. look for a nice space to live cos hell no do i want to live in my current condo or in his house but because of budgeting reasons (look at point one), I will have to settle to living with our families
  7. hoping to see one of my bestfriends more often
  8. be happy again.

It’s a great list!  I fell apart. None of this has happened. none. so I’m not moving forward, no #pazapaz for me, because there IS no step forward. currently I instead am :

  1. for the lack of better word, painting to become happy.
  2. trying to learn frekkin german
  3. going to my job early even though being underappreciated is taking it’s toll
  4. got my tatt. 😛

half the list so far and it’s only February, maybe it’s not sooo bad





Someday you know you’ll find your way, and you’ve figured out its all alright.

No one seemed to be looking okay but you didn’t know you had it tight.
Live as you think not knowing it was all a dream, life lets you realize the idealist reality of infamy and idiocy as to looking at the conformity of social inhibitions that keep everyone tacky
Think not, waste not.
Jump it out, give a chance,
No need to lie, keep being fly.
Individuality is the key as teamwork is as easy as 1,2,3.