Wander Wonder

I am currently in my new job for 3 months now, I fall in and out of love with it everyday. Everyday has new challenges and sometimes it’s just clear disappointments.  I am missing my old job, even though I clearly had my heart on my sleeve for it and yet it didn’t love me back, I miss it. I miss the heat, the pressure, the challenge, the razor sharp fear of loosing my job and myself to my job.  (whew! intense)

I’m gonna tell my events backwards and forwards now:

  • My pop got a stroke scare, I am thinking of moving back home to take over the meat shop
  • They say when you get engaged, all these temptations jump out, and by george is it true…. Ive had so many indecent proposals by very very very very cute guys, though only one actually got me to text back because of industry purposes.
  • YES I HAVE REMAINED LOYAL and TRUE to my one and only man incase you were wondering.
  • I think I’m playing a game in life, I’m not sure where I am really.
  • My mom sucks for being mean, I mean she tells me one thing and goes around in  circles, confuses me and then just leaves me whenever it concerns the wedding.
  • My sister is always playing a game too, like I wish her cards could be all out in the open.
  • My brother’s wife is really dear to me, but she’s not making it any easier for my brother,  like it always comes down to making him choose between his old family and his new one, and my brother doesn’t see it even if I’ve told him a million times na.
  • I think my fiancé will leave me. Like I have a bigger fear of loosing him now more than we were just dating.

FUck being engaged.


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