It’s the New Year

It’s the “NEW YEAR”, okay so I’m writing this one month late from January but here’s the thing, I am not happy.

I had a list of things to happen once it became January 2016:

  1. Get a pay raise
  2. Loose weight
  3. Learn frekkin German
  4. Get a tattoo (i think this is most doable)
  5. my boyfriend talking to….
  6. look for a nice space to live cos hell no do i want to live in my current condo or in his house but because of budgeting reasons (look at point one), I will have to settle to living with our families
  7. hoping to see one of my bestfriends more often
  8. be happy again.

It’s a great list!  I fell apart. None of this has happened. none. so I’m not moving forward, no #pazapaz for me, because there IS no step forward. currently I instead am :

  1. for the lack of better word, painting to become happy.
  2. trying to learn frekkin german
  3. going to my job early even though being underappreciated is taking it’s toll
  4. got my tatt. 😛

half the list so far and it’s only February, maybe it’s not sooo bad



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