THURSDAY, JULY 25, 2013


Annoyed beyond belief, ticked-off to the point of despair.

Only what I can see in my head, only what I can’t shout out but keep my stead.
I keep living a life of a lie.
I keep listening to the words I once said.
I made a choice,
I chose my path,
no one really told me to this way or that.
No one to blame but myself alone,
no one to fight with because of the the struggles Imade so close to home.
I listened, And i skirted, more likely observed, but now It’s time to stand up and act on the things I have observed.
 No more where I believed in bippity-boppity-boo will work, or turning into a goon.
It’s my life I live now, and it’s all being unturned.

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