FRIDAY, MAY 29, 2015


On my tracks here I go,
look at me, no one stops me,
I run, I rail, I flow, I go.
The tracks run hard and deep,
something in me resonates a thousand blinks.
Something shouldn’t be so strong and hard,
it envelopes me and shudders my very core of being lively.
I am strong, I think,
I can resist, I think,
Yet my heart does a double beat,
skips a third, and does a double-back flip.
My shoulders shudder hard,
my back unhinges,
the crease that usually furrows is lost.
I secretly can’t stop smiling, I shouldn’t get lost.
I am unhinged, as hard and as strong a train on a railroad,
falling of the bridge, to the tracks of nowhere lead.

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