MONDAY, MAY 11, 2015

Tough Luck for Lil’ Ol’ Me

Deep does mind  go,

reflecting on what I was told.
Once I hear, I always keep,
all those words once thrown to me.
It could be good, it could be bad,
if I cared about you, then I’d listen,
if it meant something, then I’d fix it.
Intentions of your heart matter not to me,
I do with my thoughts, whatever I please.
My thoughts are my own, my body is everything that makes me be.
My skin holds me in, but my feelings over flow, from the tips of my toes,
to the locks of my hair, down to my very big butt below.
Reactions, distractions, forget that I’m here,
I am my own woman, I firmly believe that,
although I found my other half, I am completely me.
My heart is my soul, and my mind is my voice.
I love myself, all that is, and whatever I believe loves me.

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