Path Please

I don’t follow the road of my path,
I jump and dodge, and hold on for my right,
the funny thing about flight, is it’s easy to jump off anytime.
Walk, run, skip, and hop, forget it, you know what? I think I’ll stop.
I’ve ran before I started to walk, now hold on tight! Lean on light.
I forgot how it is, to be mean and cruel,
Something I wish I never used as a tool.
Being how I am is different you see,
I love to laugh and giggle, be silly.
I’m honest and free,
I don’t judge, I don’t sneer,
I don’t let negativity break me, nor break my vibe,
all you gotta do is breathe and take a while.
Give in, get lost,
hold someone tight,
no arms, but eyes,
no flesh, but love.
Open and receive.
Yes Please.

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