SUNDAY, JUNE 9, 2013


Means to last only one day, for the moment, whatever is now is now, whatever then was, was then.

People change, people grow, some stay the same, some grow old.
I always thought when I know someone, that’s it, I know them, they’re either my friend or not.
Little did i know that characters and personalities are ephemeral… They don’t stay the same forever.
I know assholes and bitches who are married now, some have babies, some have kids and they’ve changed for the better because of their new lives.
I also  knew the quiet, obedient ones, some are dead now, some are wild, some do drugs and their lives are going for the worst.
Then there are the few who haven’t changed at all… They were the same since high-school, I guess you call them in limbo, they’re stuck where they are.
I see life, I’m not moving, I thought I was, apparently I’m not… I’ll try, I’ll do my best to move within my life, see the change, work, health And family… Let’s do this!

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