All in all, is all I am.
It is what it is.

No way to fight, no way to break free,

this unrelenting struggle of aiming to please.
Delight in this forever stumble, clumsily holding onto a tree.
Climbing high, climbing fast, the diversity of inside me.

A child, a daughter, a girlfriend, a worker, a friend, a confidante, nowhere to go but up or down, side to side, I can’t abide.

Drenched in this time of labels, purity and honesty may be the only key.
No way to hold on, no way to let go, this might be the only way to pour out my soul.

Soul clap may be the judgement in which my destiny let’s me roam free.

Soul path is the only causeway of the internal battle of who I am and who I hope to be.
Give humans a reason, give time a place, and give everyone a soul clap either way.

I need my soul clapped.


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